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2022 Annual Conference Resources

Conference COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols

As WSSCA prepares for our in-person annual conference in February 2022, providing attendees and exhibitors with a safe and healthy learning environment is a significant priority.  As an organization committed to supporting safety, we take the responsibility of providing a safe environment for our events very seriously.   To do this well, all participants are strongly encouraged to follow safety precautions outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to minimize transmission of the COVID-19 virus including the emerging Omicron variant.

Safety precautions / mitigation measures for the conference include:

  • The wearing of masks is not required but is strongly encouraged during the conference. We do, however, request that attendees wear masks when physical (social) distancing is not possible.  

  • WSSCA will have KN-95 masks available.

  • While proof of a negative COVID test or vaccination is not required for the conference, you are strongly encouraged to complete a COVID test prior to coming to the conference. 

  • Frequent hand washing / sanitation is strongly encouraged.  WSSCA will have hand sanitizer available.

WSSCA leadership continues to work closely with event staff from the Kalahari regarding on-going pandemic mitigation efforts and to implement logistical strategies that support a safer environment for our attendees, exhibitors, and presenters.   To facilitate enhanced physical (social) distancing efforts at the conference, WSSCA has:

  • Increased our overall conference space at the Kalahari

  • Adjusted our room layouts (seating, tables, exhibit area)

  • Modified our meal service logistics

The WSSCA Board of Directors is confident the precautions / mitigation strategies outlined will allow for a safe venue for all participants. Ultimately, each attendee is responsible for the precautions they exercise based upon their comfort level. WSSCA leadership will continue to monitor the status of the pandemic on a regular basis to determine additional pandemic mitigation measures to be implemented and/or mandated by local, state or federal agencies for the conference. 

WSSCA is committed to providing a safe experience at our 2022 Annual Conference. We are looking forward to a very informative and safe experience for everyone attending the conference.  Please monitor the WSSCA event website for the most up-to-date information.

If you exhibit COVID-related symptoms or test positive for COVID in the days leading up to the conference (within the timelines established by the CDC), you are requested to remain at home.  WSSCA will reimburse your registration fee.  If you reserved a room at the Kalahari, you are advised to contact them as soon as possible to cancel your room to avoid or reduce potential cancellation charges. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Executive Director Tom Wohlleber.

Thanks for your cooperation and we look forward to a safe and informative conference with appropriate precautions for your safety!


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