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Certification Program


The School Safety Coordinator Certificate was developed to provide skills and knowledge for the school safety coordinator with comprehensive information designed to meet the standards as established under Wisconsin Executive Order 194 and PI 8.01(2)(i) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code. WSSCA set out to establish an ambitious and comprehensive program to meet the needs of our school and our changing society. As a result of several years of work by WSSCA board members and through our work with several state agencies, a ten module certificate for Wisconsin's school safety coordinators was established. The ten modules are designed to go beyond the basics of compliance required by the state and instruct best practices to help prevent injuries and related costs. 


If you have questions about our certification program please contact us at 480-737-8574 or  

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Module 1: Health & Safety Compliance – Part A 

  • Mobile Elevating Work Platforms   

  • Forklift Training 

  • Forklift Performance Test 

  • Forklift Written Test   Updated Sept. 2014C

  • Forklift Written Test Answer Key Updated Sept. 2014

  • Hazard Communication Standard Final Rule

  • Fact Sheet (OSHA) 

  • Employee Hazard Communication Interview

Module 2: Health & Safety Compliance – Part B

  • 2.1 Confined Spaces PPT notes 

  • 2.1a Permit Required Confined Space Location

  • 2.1b Confined Space Entry Permit

  • 2.1c Working Safely in Confined Space

  • 2.3 Machine Guarding

Module 3: Environmental, Safety & Health Compliance

  • Indoor Environmental Quality 

Module 4: Health & Safety Compliance – Part C 

  • Ergonomics for School Districts  Updated April 2015

  • Bloodborne Pathogens

  • Chronic Hepatitist C Fact Sheet

  • IPEMA Checklist

  • Playground Safety

  • Fire Codes

Module 5: Sound Risk Management Practices

  • Securing Safer Futures

  • Accident Reporting and Investigation Training     

Module 6: General Aspects of Crisis and Emergency Management for Schools

  • Handout 1 General Aspects of Crisis and Emergency Management

  • Handout 2 General Aspects of Crisis and Emergency Management

  • Handout 3 General Aspects of Crisis and Emergency Management

  • Memorandums of Understanding

  • Goals and Missions

Module 7: National Incident Management System (NIMS) for School Officials

  • 7.1 and 2 NIMS

  • 7.3 FEMA Guide

Module 8: School Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

  • Bullying in Schools 

  • Preventing and Responding to Cyberbulling

  • Keeping Schools Safe

Module 9: School Post Incident Recovery and Planning

  • Memorandums of Understanding (MOU's) 

  • Business Continuity and Recovery for Schools

  • Psychological Response to Traumatic Stress

  • Safe Havens Business Continuity Plan

Module 10: Putting it all Together; Emergency Response Table Top and Exercise Practicum

  • A Comprehensive Review of School Crisis Management

  • Media Plan for a Crisis


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