WSSCA Annual Conference Overview:

This conference will provide a platform for information exchange on school safety and security; promote best practices we have identified in the State of Wisconsin; while featuring presentations from specialist and experts in those areas that further our cause. We also present the latest services and products available to assist in our individual and collective efforts to make Wisconsin schools safer for students and staff.


47th Annual Conference and Expo 2015
February 2nd and 3rd, 2015

47th Annual Conference Agenda and Registration


2014 Conference Sponsors and Vendors List

46th Annual Conference Session Handouts (2014) Note: For the agenda sessions not listed below. The presentation handouts maybe provided at session time by the presenters.

 Session 1-FEMA 2013 Guide for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans: Peter Pochowski, Executive Director, WSSCA

                       FEMA Guide for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans

Track 1 Safety- Module 5 Chemical Hygiene Safety Committee, Record keeping, Accident Investigation: William Freeman, Matt Newman, Jessica Schroeder, Dave Young of the WSSCA Board of Directors.

                        1.. Chemical Hygiene   2.Safety Committee    3. Record keeping   4. Accident Investigation

Track 1.1 Safety - Severe Weather Preparedness: Paul Timm

                                  Severe Weather Preparedness

Track 1.2 Safety - Social Media Risks and Solutions: Paul Timm

                                   Social Media

Track 1.3 Safety- DSPS and GHS updates: Dave Vriezen, DSPS, and Jodi Traas

                        1.  Globally Harmonized System and Hazard Communications Standard
                        2.  Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Service Presentation
                        3.  SPS 332
                        4.  New OSHA 300 Form

Session 2-  ALiCE Preparing for an Active Shooter Situation : Barb and Ed Dorff Green Bay Schools

                          Preparing for an Active Shooter

Track 2 Security- Module 10 Emergency Response Table Top and Exercise Praticum: Mike Hinske, Doug Reynolds, and Peter Pochowski

                      1.  Module 10 Key Elements of School Security     2. Media Plan for a Crisis

Track 2.1 Security- Active Shooter and Reunification Panel: Paul Buchholz, Jeff Siegman, and Bob Severson of the WSSCA Board of Directors

                         1. Planning an Exercise        2. Family Reunification

Track 2.3 Security-Safer Schools Through Architectural Engineering, Eric Dufek, Architectural Firm Eppstein Uhen and Curt Krupp, Muermann Engineering

                           Where is the Real Danger- When it comes to School Security+Design